piont Project Consulting Company AB

Each task for our contracting party starts from analysing markets with respect to their demand, abilities and competitiveness. We gain indispensable information to make accurate business decisions, so as to effectively enter new market terrains. Depending on the market, we propose development strategy which is appropriate to its maturity, mentality and applied practices. Relying on our knowledge of international markets, we plan our actions in a way that allows us to effectively come into being, eliminate failures and minimise risk.

We help to enter new markets independently or seek cooperative solutions. We acquire investors as well as strategic partners from native and foreign companies for cooperation as part of mergers, clusters, joint ventures etc. If necessary, we build relations between a company and its potential investors and shareholders. We provide support for achieving goals related to planned emission. We manage the flow of information between a company and its investors and partners by means of communication relating to finance, strategy and actions being undertaken. We also ensure realisation of communication processes within the area of communication with opinion leaders, analysts, experts, the media and customers.